Anatomical modeling is the process of using anatomic imaging data (CT/MR scans) to create three-dimensional physical models of a patient's anatomy. Using state of the art hardware and software, extremely accurate tactile Patient Specific Surgical Templates can be produced.

Improved Patient Outcome Minimize Surgical Incision
Reduced OR Time Reduce Chance Of "Re-Do" Procedure
Reduced Anesthesia Time Improved Anatomic Alignment
Allows Procedure Rehearsal Improves Informed Consent

Current Uses
Anatomic Visualization Custom Implant Design
Precise PreSurgical Planning Surgical/Osteotomy Template
Procedure Selection Intra-Operative Navigation
Hardware Selection Peer Communication
Pre-Contour Fixation Plates Patient Education & Consent
Screw Selection/Location Resident Education & Training
Trajectory Planning Procedure Training/Rehearsal